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Longerenong Cropping Challenge

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07 Feb 2014Results from the 2013 Longerenong Cropping Trial

Barley yields and costs for 2013

12 Dec 2013The Longerenong Wrap

3 years of cropping - what happened?

13 Feb 2013Longerenong Cropping Challenge 2012

Summary of results for the 2012 Chickpea Challenge

13 Feb 2013Longerenong Challenge Chickpea Agronomy Summary

2012 Chickpea Practices

24 Jan 2012Longerenong Cropping Challenge Results 2011

Summary of the results from the 2011 Wheat Challenge.

18 Oct 2011Longerenong Wheat Challenge October 2011

Photos of the plots taken October 18, 2011

18 Oct 2011Stripe Rust Responses

Images Taken October 18, 2011

31 Aug 2011Longerenong Cropping Competition August 2011

Photos taken August 31 at the Cropping Comp Site

30 Aug 20112011 Trial Plans and Treatments

Trial Plans and Treatments 2011 Because of some buffers left between canola herbicide treatments in 2010, some additional treatments were added in 2011, These include a Nufarm group to compete as well ...

30 Aug 2011Longerenong Wheat Challenge July 2011

Photos from the Longerenong Wheat Challenge taken July 2011.

25 Aug 2011Longerenong Wheat Challenge June 2011

Crops as at June 20, 2011

29 Mar 2011Longerenong Wheat Challenge 2011

Introduction to the 2011 Longerenong agronomy wheat challenge

04 Jan 2011Longerenong Canola Challenge Results

Canola performs well in the 2010 Longerenong challenge.

16 Sep 2010Canola Nutrient Inputs 2010

List of nutrients used on Longy Challenge.

13 Sep 2010Longerenong Crop Update September 2010

Progress in canola at the Longy Canola Challenge

13 Sep 2010Agronomy Details - Canola 2010

Variety selections and sowing rates.

23 Jul 2010Longerenong Cropping Challenge Paddock 8

This year the challenge will be held at Longerenong College in paddock 9.

20 Jul 2010Longerenong Crop Update - July 2010

Check out the site and various plots

14 May 2010Prices for Canola

How to select and lock in Canola Price.

14 May 2010May Canola Progress

Crop Sowing April 29.

18 Mar 2010Longerenong Canola Challenge

Announcing the 2010 Longerenong Cropping Challenge - with canola as the test crop.

27 Jan 2010Longerenong Cropping Challenge 2009

Details of costs, quality, prices and returns for the Longerenong Cropping Challenge.