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07 Oct 2014Nitrogen management that maximizes margins, improves sustainability of wheat cropping

D Nash, P Riffkin, R Harris, A Blackburn, C Nicholson, M McDonald.

01 Sep 2014Development of an Australian soil test database

S Speirs, M Conyers, D Reuter, K Peverill and R Norton

03 Sep 2013Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Rob Norton

22 May 2013Sulfur for Plant Nutrition

R Norton, R Mikkelsen, T Jensen

22 May 2013Soil and Fertilizer Sulfur

R Mikkelsen and R Norton

01 Dec 2011Climate change and wheat crop responses - FACEing the future

R Norton, G Fitzgerald and M Tausz

01 Dec 2010Global crop intensification lessens greenhouse gas emissions

IPNI Nutrients and Environment Work Group

01 Sep 2010Optimizing nitrogen for wheat growing on hostile subsoils

JF Angus, CN Walker, JF Pedler and RM Norton

01 Jul 2010Learning from long term experiments - what do they teach us?

R Norton, R Perris and R Armstrong

01 Jun 1993Potash helps prevent soil salinity

BJ Leach and JS Glendinning