25 Aug 2011

Longerenong Wheat Challenge June 2011

Crops as at June 20, 2011

Longerenong Cropping Challenge

Images Taken June 20, 2011

Contributed by Rob Christie, NuSeed.

A larger image can be seen by seleting the JPG file below the image.

Site well established, some weeds, controlled with Broadside sprayed at crop 3 leaf stage.

Longy Lecturers & Team Agritech
lecs and agritec.JPG
Raging Reds & Nufarm
rr s and nufarm.jpg
SMS Rural & Pacific Seeds
pacs and sms rural.JPG
Vic No Till & IP Fertilizers
vntfa and ipl.JPG
BCG and Grains Innovation
Grains Innovation and BCG.JPG
Green Machine & Late Sown
Green Machine and Late Sown.JPG
Longy Studentslac students.JPG

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