18 Mar 2010

Longerenong Canola Challenge

Announcing the 2010 Longerenong Cropping Challenge - with canola as the test crop.

The “Longy Challenge”- Canola Cropping Competition 2010

The Rules for 2010 will be similar to 2009.

Again the competition will be judged on two components, the most profitable crop (Best Net Profit), and the highest yield. All yield and profits will be calculated on basis of 50 ha paddock.
· It will be a 4 replication, randomised complete block design trial. Plots are 20 m by 6 rows. (row spacing is 290mm) giving a plot area of 34.8 m2.
· Choice of canola variety is limited to: Early-mid or Mid maturity types.
· There will only be 2 times of sowing EITHER 30th April for Mid maturity varieties OR 14th May for Early-mid varieties. These 2 sowing dates may vary depending on rainfall. First sowing will be a dry sowing (assuming it hasn’t rained) and second sowing may be delayed to match with a rainfall event.
· All plots will be direct harvested (no windrowing) at the one timing. An application of an anti-shatter product prior to harvesting will used to protect varieties with variations in maturity.

The “Challenge will continue in following years so all decisions made in 2010 must take into account effects on your plots for 2011 or 2012. Assume wheat will be sown in 2011 and a pulse in 2012. Paddock history will be made available in the coming weeks for participants. Paddock 9 was chemical fallow in 2009.

Each team will:
· Choose a current, commercial canola variety. (Any herbicide group, Roundup, Clearfield, TT or Conventional, no Juncea)
· Provide own seed, fungicide and insecticide treated if needed.
· Select a sowing rate and measure out 4 packets of seed for each plot. If possible seed companies will provide 1000 seeds grain weight or seeds per kg analysis if teams wish to calculate a target plant establishment.
· Choose sowing time, see above.
· Have option of being provided with complete soil test analysis, top soil and deep soil.
· Design a fertiliser program: Pre , post, deep banded, top dressed etc..
IPl will provide most types of fertiliser. But if you want something different, for example gypsum, don’t be shy, but you may have to provide the product.
· Nominate a herbicide spray program, both pre-emergent and post-emergent.
· Make their own decision about grain marketing.

Incitec Pivot Fertilizers will:
· Provide a complete soil analysis to 90cm (only to those teams that request information and cost will be factored into Net Profit)
· Sow trial.

Nufarm will:
· Complete majority of herbicide treatments (with assistance from LAC)

Nuseed will:
· Harvest trial

Birchip Cropping Group will:
· Complete oil analysis

Longerenong College will:
· Provide land for the challenge
· Undertake some student agronomy checks on all plot including establishment checks.

International Plant Nutrition Institute will provide
· Website to support the challenge
· Rob Norton, (IPNI) will be independent arbiter and provide analysis of results.

A weekly forward contracted price will be provided on a nominated web site. There will be no email to remind teams. Price can be locked in on a tonnage basis (minimum 20 t grain parcel).

Or you may opt for cash price at harvest.

The organising body for the 2010 challenge is welcomes your support for this coming season.

Yours sincerely, the organising committee.

Rob Norton, Rob Christie. Mark Slatter, Dean Johns, Mark Drum, Peter Howie

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