18 Oct 2011

Stripe Rust Responses

Images Taken October 18, 2011

Stripe Rust Responses – the main plots were treated with fungicide.
Details of fungicide applications to follow.

Unsprayed Yitpi (MR-MS)
Sprayed Scout (MS)
Sprayed Derrimut (MSYr17)
Sprayed Gladius (MR-MSYr17)
Sprayed Corell (MR-MS)
Sprayed Forrest HRZ (R-MR)
Resistance Ratings:
R= Resistant, MR = Moderately resistant,
MS = Moderately susceptible, S = Susceptible,
VS = Very susceptible

Yr17 Has the stripe rust resistance gene Yr17 which is effective against the “WA”, “Jackie” and “Jackie Yr27” pathotypes, but ineffective against the “WA Yr17” pathotype, for which the expected field rating is shown.

(source: http://dpi.vic.gov.au/agriculture/pests-diseases-and-weeds/plant-diseases/grains-cereals/stripe-rust-of-wheat)
Sprayed Lincoln (R-MR)

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