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29 Jan 2019Foliar Fertilizers

Is the foliage the RIGHT place to apply plant nutrients?

10 Aug 2017In-season Nutrient Management - South Australia

Spalding, Kimba and Cummins

21 Jul 2017In-season nutrient management 2017

Presented at Campbell Town, Tasmania GRDC Update

18 Jul 2017In-season nutrient management - 2017

Presented at Manangatang Victoria GRDC Update

11 Apr 2017Fertcare Cane Presentations

Ayr, Bundaberg, Cairns, Ingham, Mackay, Proserpine.

24 Feb 2017Impacts of a wet season on crop nutrition

GRDC Advisor Update Presentation and Paper

16 Feb 20174R Nutrient Management For Canola

Youtube video available

25 Jan 2017Potassium removal and use in Australia

Presented at the K Frontiers workshop, Rome, Italy

07 Dec 2016Nitrogen performance indicators for Australian grain farms

Presented at the International Nitrogen Conference, Melbourne, Australia

13 Oct 2016Looking back on nutrition issues from 2016

Summaries from Westmere, Keith, Conmurra and Frances Field Days

18 Aug 2016Potassium and sulfur –how much is enough?

Presented at GRDC Grower Update Skipton

05 Apr 2016Nutrient Use Efficiency beyond 2020

Dr Norton presents summary in Beijing

18 Aug 2015Plant Tissue Tests

Presentation at Cressy Tasmania.

12 Aug 2015Presentations at Fertcare NUE workshops

Narracoorte SA, Forbes NSW, Dalby Qld, Mourilyan Qld, Camden NSW, Warragul Vic.

10 Aug 2015Topdressing for Irrigators - Technical Workshop

Finley, New South Wales

20 Jul 2015eXtensionAUS

A new resource for the grain industry

06 Jul 2015Phosphorus – how much can we reduce P?

How low can you go?

23 Mar 2015N in Agriculture

Monday April 13, 2015 Soil Science Australia, South Australian Branch Event

17 Nov 2014Increasing nutrient use efficiency in farming systems

presented at the Soil Science Australia biennial conference

11 Nov 2014Canola 4R Nutrient Management

Lessons from Australia, US Canola Association Research Conference.

06 Nov 2014Nutrient Use Efficiency

Presented at the 2014 AFSA meeting

30 Sep 2014Canola Seed Nutrient Concentrations

Regional values are needed

09 Sep 2014Nutrient Deficiency Pictures

Quiz for Birchip, Hamilton and Cressy

25 Aug 2014Micronutrients Copper and Manganese

Their role, requirements and options

25 Aug 2014Nitrogen - how much is enough?

GRDC Grower Updates, Kimba, Cummins, Naracoorte

10 Jun 2014Crop N & P demand under climate change

Summary of the AGFACE project nutrition information

05 Jun 2014Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops

Project summary and access to the data interrogator

11 Feb 2014What’s new in Zinc – and some critical reminders?

Presented at GRDC Advisor Updates, Temora, NSW.

27 Jan 2014Do we need to revisit potassium?

Paper presented at the Adelaide GRDC Advisor Update

17 Sep 2013Pasture Nutritional Constraints

Perennial Pasture Systems, September, 2013

04 Sep 2013Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Wheat Nutrition

Papers presented at the 2013 IPNC, Turkey and the ANZ Fertilizer Industry Conference

30 Jul 2013Sulfur - Known knowns, known unknowns

Presentation at Agronomy Community Meetings

23 Jul 2013Evidence Based Agriculture

Presentation at Agronomy Community Meetings

23 Jul 2013Will N fertilizer run down soil organic matter

Presentation at Agronomy Community Meetings

04 Jul 2013Micronutrients - what should you be doing

BCG Expo July 2013

05 Mar 2013Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops

a GRDC collaborative project

20 Feb 2013IPNI and the nutrient challenge

Presentation made at the CSSSA February Meeting 2013

08 Feb 2013Focus on Calcium

Presented at the GRDC Advisors Update, Ballarat

07 Feb 2013Regional Nutrient Budgets for Australia.

Summary of a presentation made at the ANZ Soils Conference.

15 Jan 2013Current Issues facing the Fertilizer Industry in Australia

Summary of a discussion with Viterra Fertilizer group.

11 Dec 2012Combined Australian & New Zealand Soils Conference

Copies of papers presented at the Hobart Meeting

20 Nov 201216th Australian Agronomy Conference

Presentations & Papers from IPNI

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