14 May 2010

Prices for Canola

How to select and lock in Canola Price.

Making smart marketing decisions can be as important as making smart agronomy choices. As part of the Longerenong Canola Challenge, competitors are able to forward sell part or all of their crop at anytime during the season and/or take a harvest price. All prices will be delivered to the point nearest to Longerenong, An at-harvest price will be declared 2 weeks after the challenge plots are harvested. Freight from the paddock to the delivery point will be deducted to get the net farm-gate price.
The amount of crop that can be forward sold is based on the production expected from a 50 ha paddock. If the group is unable to deliver the contracted amount of grain, then any short will need to be purchased at harvest to make up to the difference.

To lock in an parcel of grain, please email Rob Norton (rnorton@ipni.net) or Rob Christie (robert.christie@au,nuseed,com) with the tonnes in the parcel and the price selected.

Monola Price - delivered Horsham $394/t - May 14, 2010 (source Riverland).
Canola - delivered Horsham from the AWB Limited Website
see http://www.awb.com.au/growers/awbgrainprices/dailygrainprices/

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