29 Mar 2011

Longerenong Wheat Challenge 2011

Introduction to the 2011 Longerenong agronomy wheat challenge

The Rules for 2011 will be similar to those for the 2010 Canola Challenge.

Again the competition will be judged on two components, the most profitable crop (Best Net Profit), and the highest yield. All yield and profits will be calculated on basis of 50 ha paddock.
  • Wheat will be resown on canola plots from 2010.
  • Each team will have 4 replicateswithin a randomised complete block design trial. Plots are 20 m by 6 rows. (row spacing is 290mm) giving a plot area of 34.8 m2.
  • Plots will be individually soil sampled, for topsoil (0-10 cm) and deep N and S (to 60 cm).
  • Choice of wheat variety is limited to: Early-mid or Mid maturity types.
  • Sowing times will be managed within the general trial design which may limit agronomy teams to one or two sowing times only. These times are likely to be early (eg early May) or later (mid- to late- May). These 2 sowing dates may vary depending on rainfall. First sowing will be a dry sowing (assuming it hasn’t rained) and second sowing may be delayed to match with a rainfall event.
  • All plots will be harvested at maturity.

    The “Challenge this year continues on canola plots from 2010, so all decisions made in 2011 will take into account effects on plots from 2010 when sown to canola, and these impacts will flow through to crop choices in 2012. Assume wheat will be sown in 2011 and a pulse in 2012. Paddock history will be made available in the coming weeks for participants. Paddock 9 was chemical fallow in 2009.

    Each team will
  • Choose a current, commercial wheat variety. Care will need to be taken to ensure any herbicide residues from 2010 canola are considered.
  • Provide own seed, fungicide and insecticide treated if needed.
  • Select a sowing rate and measure out 4 packets of seed for each plot. If possible seed companies will provide 1000 seeds grain weight or seeds per kg analysis if teams wish to calculate a target plant establishment.
  • Choose sowing time, see above.
  • Have option of being provided with complete soil test analysis, top soil and deep soil.
  • Design a fertiliser program: Pre , post, deep banded, top dressed etc..
  • Most types of fertiliser will be provided, but if there are particular products, these may need to be provided by the group.
  • Nominate a herbicide spray program, both pre-emergent and post-emergent.
  • Make their own decision about grain marketing.
Making smart marketing decisions can be as important as making smart agronomy choices. As part of the Longerenong Wheat Challenge, competitors are able to forward sell part or all of their crop at anytime during the season and/or take a harvest price. All prices will be delivered to the point nearest to Longerenong, An at-harvest price will be declared 2 weeks after the challenge plots are harvested. Freight from the paddock to the delivery point will be deducted to get the net farm-gate price.

The amount of crop that can be forward sold is based on the production expected from a 50 ha paddock. If the group is unable to deliver the contracted amount of grain, then any short will need to be purchased at harvest to make up to the difference.

To lock in an parcel of grain, please email Rob Norton (rnorton@ipni.net) or Rob Christie (robert.christie@au.nuseed.com) with the tonnes in the parcel, delivery point and the price selected.

Please use ONLY prices derived from the AWB Limited website:

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