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Dahlen Long Term Fertilizer Experiment

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18 Sep 2014IPF Dahlen Long Term Fertilizer Experiment - 2014

What are we seeing 18 years on?

30 May 2014Balanced nutrition yields benefits

Results from the Dahlen long term fertilizer experiment

09 May 2013Fertilizers and soil health

Results from the long term fertilizer experiment at Horsham

12 Dec 2012Trends and surprises

Outcomes from the long term trial

12 Dec 2012Returns for different nutrient strategies

If you put no fertilizer on over these grain crops, you produced 17. 6 t of grain, if you used 9:40 produced 25. 4 t of grain; 18:80 produced 29.

12 Dec 2012Efficiency of resource use

recovery efficiency for different strategies

12 Dec 2012Effect on soils, Dahlen Long term experiment

Effect on soil N and C - top 10 cm & mineral N to 150 cm The table below gives the soil test values for selected treatments in 1996 and again prior to sowing the 2011 crop. Mineral N levels of the low ...

12 Dec 2012Crop Yields at Dahlen

Crop yields and main effects, 1996-2010

12 Dec 2012Dahlen Long Term Experiment

Outline of the experiment

16 Feb 2012Oaten Hay yields at the Dahlen Long-term N*P experiment

An Incitec Pivot research project, managed by IPNI ANZ Regional Director Rob Norton

13 Feb 2011Dahlen Long Term Fertilizer Experiment

Results of canola grown on the long term N*P experiment at Dahlen, 10 km west of Horsham.