17 Feb 2016

Results of 2015 HRZ Nutrition Experiments

Summary of responses from nutrient omission experiments.
Glenthompson experiment October 2015

Summary of results

The 2015 wheat trials at Bool Lagoon and Glenthompson showed an early biomass response to N and P by anthesis, but this did not translate into higher grain yield (see Table). There was evidence that additional P led to a reduced harvest index and lower grain size, which is consistent with the crop haying off under dry soil conditions during the grain-fill period. The 2015 canola trials showed a strong response in all measured parameters to additional N at Frances and both N and P at Inverleigh. There were positive grain yield and HI responses to S in wheat at Bool Lagoon in 2015, but negative responses to S at anthesis in wheat at Glenthompson (2015). Across all sites there wa only one significant response to micronutrients, which was for wheat (grain) at Glenthompson, and did not translate to a higher grain yield.

Summary of significant effects of applied nutrients in the 2015 omission trials. Values separated by different letters are significantly different at the 5% level. For N effects, 2 lsd’s are shown. The first is for comparison between the lowest and middle rate, the second for comparisons between the middle and highest rate. This is because the lowest N rate was only applied to the Nil and +all treatments, whereas the middle and highest N rate were applied to all treatments.

SiteParameterResponse to…Description of significant differences5% lsd
Frances (canola)Grain yield (t/ha, 100 C drying)N18 kg N/ha0.64b0.163
95 kg N/ha0.89a0.126
174 kg N/ha0.94a
Biomass – 11 September (kg/ha)N18 kg N/ha2326b660
95 kg N/ha2632b461
174 kg N/ha3396a
Harvest IndexNot significant0.243
Biomass at grain harvest (t/ha)N18 kg N/ha2.76c0.52
95 kg N/ha3.62b0.40
174 kg N/ha4.04a
Bool Lagoon (wheat)Grain yield (t/ha, 100 C drying)N, S18 kg N/ha3.50a0.459
64 kg N/ha3.05b0.320
149 kg N/ha3.45a
0 kg S/ha3.12b0.356
23 kg S/ha3.55a
Visual rating 28 Oct (scored 1-5)N, P18 kg N/ha1.50c0.334
64 kg N/ha1.76b0.233
149 kg N/ha1.99a
0 kg P/ha1.54b0.260
25 kg P/ha1.97a
Biomass at grain harvest (t/ha)P0 kg P/ha7.67b0.396
25 kg P/ha8.42a
Harvest indexP, S0 kg P/ha0.456a0.0337
30 kg P/ha0.421b
0 kg S/ha0.377b0.0337
23 kg S/ha0.439a
SiteParameterResponse to…Description of significant differences5% lsd
Glenthompson (wheat)Grain yield (t/ha, 100 C drying)Not significant4.32
Harvest IndexNot significant0.41
Grain protein (%)Not significant13.0
Grain weight (g/1000 grain)P (P = 0.09)0 kg P/ha33.2a1.53
25 kg P/ha31.9b
Anthesis biomass – 23 October (kg/ha)N, P

S (P = 0.08)

18 kg N/ha9369b438
77 kg N/ha9807a
0 kg P/ha9033b534
25 kg P/ha9688a
0 kg S/ha10007534
23 kg S/ha9449
Ear density – 23 October (ears/m2)P0 kg P/ha425b30.3
25 kg P/ha463a
Flag leaf mass – October (g/m2)N18 kg N/ha18.7b1.31
77 kg N/ha21.5a
Biomass at grain harvest (t/ha)Micronutrients (P = 0.1)None10.60.69
+Cu, Zn11.2
Inverleigh (canola)Grain yield (t/ha, 100 C drying)N, P18 kg N/ha1.34b0.252
75 kg N/ha1.60a0.173
146 kg N/ha1.69a
0 kg P/ha1.38b0.196
25 kg P/ha1.69a
Biomass at grain harvest (t/ha)N, P18 kg N/ha5.16b0.770
75 kg N/ha5.72ab0.527
146 kg N/ha6.02a
0 kg P/ha5.12b0.599
25 kg P/ha6.00a
Harvest IndexN, P (P = 0.07)18 kg N/ha0.2790.0336
75 kg N/ha0.2920.0199
146 kg N/ha0.293
0 kg P/ha0.2820.0218
25 kg P/ha0.294
Oil content (% oil at 6% moisture)N, P18 kg N/ha46.04a0.529
75 kg N/ha43.49b0.362
146 kg N/ha42.63c
0 kg P/ha42.39b0.411
25 kg P/ha43.41a
Oil yield (t/ha)N, P18 kg N/ha0.690b0.1248
75 kg N/ha0.777ab0.0853
146 kg N/ha0.806a
0 kg P/ha0.652b0.0970
25 kg P/ha0.818a
Protein content (%, 6% moisture)N, P18 kg N/ha36.6c0.844
75 kg N/ha40.2b0.577
146 kg N/ha41.9a
0 kg P/ha42.2a0.656
25 kg P/ha40.5b
Protein yield (t/ha)N, P18 kg N/ha0.282c0.0600
75 kg N/ha0.386b0.0241
146 kg N/ha0.431a
0 kg P/ha0.358b0.0467
25 kg P/ha0.412a

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