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High input cropping systems in the HRZ


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01 Oct 2017Potassium responses in beans, canola and wheat

An experiment at Glenthompson, 2017

27 Feb 2017Potassium responses on wheat and canola at Glenthompson, 2016

Field work undertaken in association with Southern Farming Systems.

31 Oct 2016Results of 2016 HRZ Nutrition Experiments

Summary of responses to end September

17 Feb 2016Results of 2015 HRZ Nutrition Experiments

Summary of responses from nutrient omission experiments.

30 Jul 2015Background to Omission Trials

Summary of HRZ omission trials treatments and seasonal conditions

11 Mar 2015High rainfall zone nutrient omission trials 2015

Part of the GRDC project DAV00141 led by P Riffkin

06 Mar 2015Managing crop inputs in the HRZ

Report released

03 Mar 2015Manganese toxicity in canola

Seen in high rainfall zone after heavy summer rain.

27 Jul 2014K deficiency in wheat

Seen in cereals at mid-tillering

05 Feb 2014Getting Nitrogen into the crop - efficiently and effectively

Presented at GRDC Ballarat Advisor Update Feb 06, 2014, and the SANTFA Annual Conference, February 21, 2014.