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14 Dec 2018Nutrition Review for 2018 and Lessons for 2019

GRDC Nutrition Community of Practice

03 Apr 2018Seed and Fertilizer Compatability

Rate, row spacing, crop, soil and product interact

23 Nov 2017Crop Nutrition - for 2018

Looking back, planning ahead

10 Aug 2017Split germinations and nutrition

Some issues to consider

05 Apr 2017Crop residue burning and the loss of nutrients from fertilizers

Fate of topdressed fertilizers when stubbles are burned.

22 Mar 2017To replace or not to replace? - that is the question

Nutrient replacement strategies

24 Feb 2017Impacts of a wet season on crop nutrition

GRDC Advisor Update Presentation and Paper

27 Oct 2016SA/Vic Consultants Meeting

Notes from the discussions

03 Mar 2016Time for an N-Rich Strip

Reference strips to check on N response

17 Feb 2016Results of 2015 HRZ Nutrition Experiments

Summary of responses from nutrient omission experiments.

17 Dec 2015P for 2016

A dry 2015 could allow growers to reduce P inputs for 2016

21 May 2015Sandblasting in the Mallee

Not everything is nutrition or disease

10 Feb 2015Soil sampling for 2016

Good sampling is the first step in 4R nutrient stewardship

29 Jan 2015Don't overlook the potential of starter fertilizer

Not everything can be solved later in the season

25 Aug 2014Micronutrients Copper and Manganese

Their role, requirements and options

25 Aug 2014Nitrogen - how much is enough?

GRDC Grower Updates, Kimba, Cummins, Naracoorte

21 Jul 2014Phosphorus best management practice

4R approach to P for wheat

03 Jul 2014How to get nitrogen into your crop effectively and efficiently

Time, Rate, Place and Source - get them all Right.

03 Jul 2014Late N application on wheat - yield and protein

Results from 8 field experiments in the high rainfall zone during 2013.

11 Feb 2014What’s new in Zinc – and some critical reminders?

Presented at GRDC Advisor Updates, Temora, NSW.

27 Jan 2014Do we need to revisit potassium?

Paper presented at the Adelaide GRDC Advisor Update

20 Jan 2014Nutrients removed in hay crops

Paddocks cut for hay in 2014 may need special treatment for 2015

29 Oct 2013Nitrogen and sulfur for wheat and canola - protein and oil

Dookie Field Day October 31, 2013

17 Sep 2013Pasture Nutritional Constraints

Perennial Pasture Systems, September, 2013

11 Jul 2013Canola Nutrition Guide

4R Nutrition Guide launched at Oilseeds Workshops

19 Mar 2013Care with fertilizer and seed placement

Information on avoiding crop damage with seed placed fertilizers.

05 Mar 2013Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops

a GRDC collaborative project

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