27 Oct 2016

SA/Vic Consultants Meeting

Notes from the discussions
Manganese Deficiency in oats

Dr Norton participated in a discussion with agronomic consultants about a range of nutrition issues in Port Lincoln focused around the 4R nutrient stewardship principles. The approach is to:

Identify the RIGHT nutrient source, Apply it at the RIGHT rate, Supplied at the RIGHT time and Located in the RIGHT place.

The RIGHTs are all set within farming systems and are interactive - change one of the RIGHTs and the others need to be considered.

The various sections of the talk are separated into:
  • Is K the RIGHT source?
  • Is N in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time?
  • Is S the RIGHT source?
  • Is P in the RIGHT place?
PDF versions of the slides from the discussion are available for download below.

Additional Resources

Is K the RIGHT source?Size: 1.56 MB

Is N in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time?Size: 1.68 MB

Is S the RIGHT source?Size: 1.98 MB

Is P in the RIGHT place?Size: 0.86 MB

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