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Nutrient Mythbusters

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11 Apr 2017Fertcare Cane Presentations

Ayr, Bundaberg, Cairns, Ingham, Mackay, Proserpine.

12 Aug 2015Presentations at Fertcare NUE workshops

Narracoorte SA, Forbes NSW, Dalby Qld, Mourilyan Qld, Camden NSW, Warragul Vic.

18 Aug 2014Copper deficiency and frost damage

Similar symptoms - different causes

03 Sep 2013Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

The truth is out there

23 Jul 2013Evidence Based Agriculture

Presentation at Agronomy Community Meetings

23 Jul 2013Will N fertilizer run down soil organic matter

Presentation at Agronomy Community Meetings

08 Feb 2013Focus on Calcium

Presented at the GRDC Advisors Update, Ballarat

30 Nov 2012Review of Humic Acid Products released

Link to a review of information on Humic Acid and the derived products.

20 Sep 2012World Reserves of Rock Phosphate

Were are we really?

12 Jul 2012Is there a need for more Calcium

By Dr Rob Mikkelsen (California, USA) and Dr Rob Norton (Australia). Humans and animals need Ca to build strong bones. Plants also require plenty of Ca to develop strong cell walls and membranes. Anim ...

10 Mar 2012Does Fertilizer N "burn up" Soil Organic Matter?

Data from long term experiments critiqued on the effect of N on soil organic matter.

10 Mar 2012Does glyphosate tolerance induce trace element deficiency?

Research on the link between managanese nutrition and glyphosate tolerance.

10 Mar 2012What is the evidence needed to show efficacy of products?

How do you know that - the need for evidence When checking on the claims of a product, the first and most important thing is the evidence the supplier has about the crop response. This evidence should ...

16 Jan 2012Review of Biofertilizers

A summary of the status of biofertilizers - January 2011

22 Aug 2011How do you know that?

“How do you know that?” – the need for evidence. Rob Norton. Summary of paper presented at . the AFSA meeting, Geelong, August 2011 and . the Agrivision Clients Day, Swan Hiil, October, 2011. Getting ...