26 Nov 2013

Is Potassium Fertilizer Really Necessary?

An issues review
K deficiency symptoms in Chickpea

November 25, 2013 - Norcross, Georgia, U.S. - Recently, the question has been raised of whether or not agriculture should be using potassium (K) fertilizers. Dr. T.S. Murrell, IPNI Northcentral Director, has prepared a review of this issue examining how the soil fertility and plant nutrition science determines if or when K should be applied.

"Not applying K on soils with low indigenous supplies limits yields and production and is considered a form of land degradation,"
summarizes Dr. Murrell.

"On soils with high indigenous supplies, omitting K will not reduce yields or production; however, continued withdrawal of K through successive crop harvests will eventually deplete indigenous supplies to yield-limiting levels, as has been observed in several areas around the world. Potassium fertilization is necessary. Both plant-based and soil testing-based approaches inform decisions about whether or not K application is needed to provide plants with adequate nutrition and sustain soil productivity."

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