30 Nov 2012

Review of Humic Acid Products released

Link to a review of information on Humic Acid and the derived products.

Humic acids or humates (the salts of humic acids) have been promoted as enhancers of nutrient efficiency and plant growth. Kim Billingham, from New South Wales Department of Primary Industries at Taree, has reviewed the information available about the nature, action and responses of these products under field and glasshouse conditions. Ms Billingham evaluated the claims that humic acids increase plant growth and yield, improve soil structure and water holding capacity, and increase nutrient availability.
The overall conclusion from this work is that "Humic products show some potential for agriculture, especially in terms of phosphorus and micronutrient availability, and soil remediation. However, no recommendations on their use can be made until extensive field trials are conducted and the humic products are compared with other soil amendments with accompanying cost-benefit analyses."
The report can be ordered from the link at left.
There is also a link to a summary of, and comment on this work done by Dr Doug Edmeades, private consultant in New Zealand.

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