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18 Aug 2015Plant Tissue Tests

Presentation at Cressy Tasmania.

21 May 2015Molybdenum

It role in crops and pastures, Australia

17 Mar 2015Boron

The role of boron

03 Mar 2015Manganese toxicity in canola

Seen in high rainfall zone after heavy summer rain.

09 Sep 2014Nutrient Deficiency Pictures

Quiz for Birchip, Hamilton and Cressy

25 Aug 2014Micronutrients Copper and Manganese

Their role, requirements and options

18 Aug 2014Copper deficiency and frost damage

Similar symptoms - different causes

11 Feb 2014What’s new in Zinc – and some critical reminders?

Presented at GRDC Advisor Updates, Temora, NSW.

04 Jul 2013Micronutrients - what should you be doing

BCG Expo July 2013

19 Feb 2012Trace Elements - Their Importance

Trace Elements – Importance Rob Norton1, Jim Laycock2, Charlie Walker2 1. International Plant Nutrition Institute, 54 Florence St, Horsham, 3400. 2. Incitec Pivot Fertilizers, PO Box 54, Geelong North ...

13 Feb 2011Keeping an eye on zinc levels

Keeping an eye on zinc levels By Rob Norton, Regional Director, Australia & New Zealand – International Plant Nutrition Institute As well as being an essential element in plant nutrition, zinc plays a ...