30 Jan 2013

Local winner of IPNI photo competition

Bruce Scott wins award for photo of K deficient apples

Each year, IPNI sponsors an open photographic competition for images showing nutrient deficiency symptoms. There are awards for photographs showing N, P, K and other nutrients, as well as an overall best photograph.
This year, Bruce Scott of EE Muir and Sons has won an award for the best K image with a picture showing K deficient apples. His photo showed the classic example of K deficiency in apple leaves (var. Pink Lady) 2 weeks prior to harvest. Deficiency symptoms showed marginal leaf scorch and small and poorly-colored fruit. Dry matter leaf analysis showed a K content of 0.7%, whereas the desirable range is 1.2 to 1.8% K.
Last year Matt Stewart, also of EE Muir and Sons won first prize in the Other nutrients category with a great photograph of Mn deficient basil.
If you see an interesting example of any nutrient deficiency, then take a picture and submit it to IPNI.

Bruce Scotts winning K image for 2012

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