23 Mar 2017

IPNI Scholars Awards

Applications close April 27, 2017
Getachew Agegnehu Jenberu with supervisor Dr Paul Nelson, James Cook University.

Qualified applicants are invited and encourage to apply for the 2017 IPNI Scholars awards. Previous winners for Australia and New Zealand are:

2009 - Preeti Sharma, La Trobe University
2010 - Richard Flavell, Univeristy of New England
2010 - Shu Kee Lam, University of Melbourne
2011 - Brooke Ryan, University of Adelaide
2012 - Jian Jin, La Trobe University
2012 - Humaira Sultana, University of Melbourne
2013 - Daniela Montalvo Grijalva, University of Adelaide.
2014 - Courtney Peirce, University of Adelaide
2014 - Karthika Krishnasamy, Murdoch University
2015 - Massimiliano de Antoni Migliorati, Queensland University of Technology
2015 - Casper Roxburg, University of Queensland
2016 - Getachew Agegnehu Jenberu, James Cook University

Full details of selection criteria and access to the on-line application form can be made through https://www.ipni.net/scholar/learn

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