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Wallup Ag Group

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18 Feb 2012Trial Final Report

Download a copy of the final trial report here

28 Jan 2012Background, Site Description and Methods Used

What we did, why we did it and how we did it.

28 Jan 2012Results

What we found

28 Jan 2012Conclusions and Summary

What we think it means

13 Sep 2011Wallup Site September 11, 2011

Photo series taken just prior to the late topdressing.

09 Sep 2011Wallup Ag Group Field Days

Pictures from the field, September 01, 2011.

02 Sep 2011Wallup Ag Group Field Day

Photos and descriptions of treatments on September 01.

10 Aug 2011Crop emergence and early growth

Emergence and early growth - crop emerging - photo taken at June 07 with Wallup Ag Group members Rob McKenzie, Rob McCrae and Nathan Crafter.

10 Aug 2011Top Dressing Time

Crop Progress as at 4th August

10 Aug 2011Sowing the Trials

Establishment of Wallup Expo trial site