10 Aug 2011

Top Dressing Time

Crop Progress as at 4th August

Top Dressing at 8 leaf Crop Stage - 4 August

Graeme and Ian Schmidt inspecting the canola crop at 8 leaf stage/stem elongation. Buds visible under leaves.

Individual plots given the first urea topdressing treatment at varying rates, a few hours before the onset of about 13 mm rainfall over four days.

Pre-drilling treatments clearly visible now, with high N rates considerably more lush with darker green leaves than plots with no N pre-drilled.
The trial was sprayed with Spray.seed between plots the week before. Also, the trial was sprayed with Intervix and Select and the weeds were beginning to die. Volunteer barley yet to show signs of herbicide effects, and are fairly dense in northeast plots.

Rep 1 has mouse damage in the buffer and some signs of mouse grazing in the first plot (northeast part of trial).

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