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18 Aug 2016Potassium and sulfur –how much is enough?

Presented at GRDC Grower Update Skipton

07 Aug 2015Supplying sulfur in cropping systems

Rob Norton & Elaina VanderMark

01 Sep 2014Sulfur deficiency in canola

Taken at Bealiba, Victoria

29 Oct 2013Nitrogen and sulfur for wheat and canola - protein and oil

Dookie Field Day October 31, 2013

30 Jul 2013Sulfur - Known knowns, known unknowns

Presentation at Agronomy Community Meetings

22 May 2013Sulfur for Plant Nutrition

R Norton, R Mikkelsen, T Jensen

22 May 2013Soil and Fertilizer Sulfur

R Mikkelsen and R Norton

26 Jan 2012Fluid Sulphur Sources

Sulphur nutrition and fluid fertilisers Dr Robert Edis and Dr Robert Norton Presentation notes. Sulphur is an essential element for plants and animals, and also for soil organic matter. Access to adeq ...

13 Feb 2011What sulphur source should I use?

Discussion of the various sources of S for crops and pastures.

30 Aug 2010Addressing sulphur needs in-crop

Sulphur is an important part of a balanced crop nutrition program and this is a summary of options for in-crop S application.

08 Apr 2010Sulphur for canola in 2010

Canola growers are advised to check to make sure S does not limit yields in 2010