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10 Aug 2017In-season Nutrient Management - South Australia

Spalding, Kimba and Cummins

21 Jul 2017In-season nutrient management 2017

Presented at Campbell Town, Tasmania GRDC Update

18 Jul 2017In-season nutrient management - 2017

Presented at Manangatang Victoria GRDC Update

11 Apr 2017Fertcare Cane Presentations

Ayr, Bundaberg, Cairns, Ingham, Mackay, Proserpine.

24 Feb 2017Impacts of a wet season on crop nutrition

GRDC Advisor Update Presentation and Paper

07 Dec 2016Nitrogen performance indicators for Australian grain farms

Presented at the International Nitrogen Conference, Melbourne, Australia

17 Aug 2016Nitrogen mid-season

Yes - No - Wait

03 Mar 2016Time for an N-Rich Strip

Reference strips to check on N response

10 Aug 2015Topdressing for Irrigators - Technical Workshop

Finley, New South Wales

23 Mar 2015N in Agriculture

Monday April 13, 2015 Soil Science Australia, South Australian Branch Event

25 Aug 2014Nitrogen - how much is enough?

GRDC Grower Updates, Kimba, Cummins, Naracoorte

03 Jul 2014Late N application on wheat - yield and protein

Results from 8 field experiments in the high rainfall zone during 2013.

10 Mar 2014To spray or to spread: Quantifying UAN leaf N uptake

Report on a comparison in the Victorian Mallee

05 Feb 2014Getting Nitrogen into the crop - efficiently and effectively

Presented at GRDC Ballarat Advisor Update Feb 06, 2014, and the SANTFA Annual Conference, February 21, 2014.

29 Oct 2013Nitrogen and sulfur for wheat and canola - protein and oil

Dookie Field Day October 31, 2013

23 Jul 2013Will N fertilizer run down soil organic matter

Presentation at Agronomy Community Meetings

12 Jun 2013N Product Research Summary

GRDC Project Report UM00023

21 Jun 2011Nitrogen topdress strategies for canola - 2011

Selecting the right rate and product for topdresssing canola in 2011.