14 Feb 2011

Shu Kee Lam presented with IPNI Scholars Award

University of Melbourne PhD student received IPNI Scholars Award.
Shu Kee Lam presented with IPNI Scholars award. Shu Kee Lam is presented by Dr Fixen with the Australian and New Zealand scholars award. Pictured are Dr Norton,, Dr FIxen, Mr Lam, Dr Bruulsma and Professor Deli Chen. Taken at INI meeting in New Delhi, December 2010.

Mr. Shu Kee (Raymond) Lam is pursuing a Ph.D. degree at The University of Melbourne at Horsham, Victoria, Australia. His dissertation title is “Effect of Elevated Carbon Dioxide on Soil Nitrogen Dynamics in Rain-
Fed Cropping Systems in Australia and China.” A native of Hong Kong, he earned his Masters in 2005 and Bachelors degree in 2002 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mr. Lam’s research is investigating the
effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on soil processes in a dryland grain production system at the free-air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE) facility at Horsham. In 2009, he also carried out another series
of experiments in Beijing, China, pertinent to crop response to climate change. For the future, his goal is to develop international expertise in plant adaptation and production in the context of climate change.

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