20 Mar 2011

Richard Flavel presented with IPNI Scholars Award

Richard Flavel receives IPNI scholars award.

Mr. Richard Flavel started his Ph.D. program in 2010 at The University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. His dissertation title is “Root Vigor of Cereal Genotypes in Response to Phosphorus Nutrition and Water Availability.” The project brings together leading groups in Australia working on root architecture and new technologies to measure their functions for water and nutrient uptake in soils. The principles learned could be applied to better crop breeding and management for continued food security. For the future, Mr. Flavel intends to be involved with research that has practical implications for real world agricultural production systems, and also hopes to continue some teaching responsibility.
Mr Flavel is supervised by Dr Chris Guppy from the University of New England and Dr Annie McNeil from the University of Adelaide.

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