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10 Jun 2014Crop N & P demand under climate change

Summary of the AGFACE project nutrition information

05 Jun 2014Better Fertilizer Decisions for Crops

Project summary and access to the data interrogator

30 May 2014Balanced nutrition yields benefits

Results from the Dahlen long term fertilizer experiment

01 Apr 2014The effect of K applied at different times to wheat, Western Australia

Responses on a sandy soil in pot and field experiments

10 Mar 2014To spray or to spread: Quantifying UAN leaf N uptake

Report on a comparison in the Victorian Mallee

12 Dec 2013Potassium nutrition in CQ Cropping Systems

Responses to applied K on wheat and chickpea

04 Sep 2013Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Wheat Nutrition

Papers presented at the 2013 IPNC, Turkey and the ANZ Fertilizer Industry Conference

04 Sep 2013Warra Site - 2012/13 Cotton Results

Managing K in Northern Cropping Systems

03 Sep 2013Wheat Grain Micronutrient Content in Southeastern Australia

Poster paper presented at IPNC, Turkey

12 Jun 2013N Product Research Summary

GRDC Project Report UM00023

06 Jun 2013Brookstead Site - 2012/13 Sorghum Results

Managing K in northern cropping systems

07 Apr 2013Grain Production in the Australian High Rainfall Zone

Starting from the soil up - nutrition will be the key

28 Feb 2013Capella site - 2012 chickpea results

Managing K in northern cropping systems

04 Dec 2012ASA - CSSA - SSSA Annual Meetings

Abstracts co-authored by Dr Norton

20 Nov 201216th Australian Agronomy Conference

Presentations & Papers from IPNI

23 Oct 2012Soil test values and nutrient balances from a long term fertilizer experiment

Presentation at 2012 ASA Meeting Armidale, NSW.

23 Oct 2012Wheat grain nutrient concentrations for south-eastern Australia

Presentation at 2012 ASA Meeting, Armidale, NSW.

23 Oct 2012N & P responses for oaten hay

Presentation at 2012 ASA Meeting, Armidale, NSW.

11 Oct 2012Nitrogen Loss Pathways

Rob Norton, IPNI ANZ Regional Director . Cliff Synder, IPNI N Program Director. Nitrogen is a tricky critter as it can be lost in several ways. It can leach down the profile before roots access it. It ...

24 Sep 2012Multiple nutrient deficiencies in northern grains cropping

Importance of considering K, as well as N, P and S in a nutrition program.

20 Sep 2012Phopshorus Supply and Demand in Australia

Rob Norton. International Plant Nutrition Institute, 54 Florence St, Horsham, Victoria. (http://anz. ipni. net) Paper presented at the "Phosphorus in Agriculture" workshop, Adelaide, September 20, 201 ...

29 Aug 2012GRDC Micronutrient Deficiency Scoping Study

More Profit from Crop Nutrition II - Micronutrient survey A national survey of the extent of micronutrient (zinc, copper, managanese, boron) deficiencies across all regions and agroecological zones wi ...

28 Aug 2012GRDC Nutrition Workshop 2012

Summary of 4R presentation given at Adelaide, Ballarat and Wagga Wagga.

30 Jun 2012Gindee site - 2011/12 sorghum results

Managing K in northern cropping systems

30 Jun 2012Warra site - 2011/12 cotton results

Managing K in northern cropping systems

29 Feb 2012Brookstead site - 2011 wheat results

Managing K in northern cropping systems

16 Feb 2012Oaten Hay yields at the Dahlen Long-term N*P experiment

An Incitec Pivot research project, managed by IPNI ANZ Regional Director Rob Norton

16 Feb 2012P Nutrient Removal and Replacement

Nutrient Removal and Replacement - A strategy for P management The general strategy for nutrient management is to at least balance input from fertilizers, manures and other sources, with output in pro ...

23 Nov 2011Nutrient content of wheat grain - a survey of NVT sites

A report on 140 grain samples analysed for nutrient content

13 Feb 2011Dahlen Long Term Fertilizer Experiment

Results of canola grown on the long term N*P experiment at Dahlen, 10 km west of Horsham.

13 Feb 2011What sulphur source should I use?

Discussion of the various sources of S for crops and pastures.

13 Feb 2011Keeping an eye on zinc levels

Keeping an eye on zinc levels By Rob Norton, Regional Director, Australia & New Zealand – International Plant Nutrition Institute As well as being an essential element in plant nutrition, zinc plays a ...

08 Apr 2010Sulphur for canola in 2010

Canola growers are advised to check to make sure S does not limit yields in 2010

01 Feb 2010Ammonium Sulfate as a specialty fertilizer for canola

Research update to investigate better ways in meet the S and N needs of canola.