04 Sep 2010

2010 Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference

Presentation made by Dr Norton at the Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference, August, 2010.

The Big Global Research Issues and Implications for Australia

Rob Norton, Regional Director, Australia & New Zealand,

Undoubtedly, given the vagaries of climate and the increasing world population, food security, food quality and environmental integrity are key issues facing humanity. The global research community has several initiatives to seek solutions to producing enough nutritious food for 9 billion people from a limited landbase. For example, biofortification of Zn and Fe levels in grains, part of the Harvest Plus Challenge, directly links nutrient management to human nutrition. IPNI maintains that fertilizer best management practices (BMP’s) combined with sound agronomy are necessary to produce more food and this can be done while protecting our precious natural resources, including phosphorus.

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