02 Nov 2010

IPNI ANZ Activities Update

A presentation made at Adelaide University, October 2010

Dr Norton presented a summary of the current IPNI program at the research seminar series held at the University of Adelaide Plant Science Centre. He discussed the history of IPNI internationally and within Australia and gave an overview of the current activities. He also presented a summary of some of the nutrient balance work he is undertaking to understand trends in soil fertilitity. The current data is based on state level information, but at some stage later, this will be taken to Natural Resource Management zones to give a better appreciation of the balance of N, P, K and S within various Australian production regions. He also demonstrated the NuGIS - Nutrient Use - GIS - system developed by IPNI in the United States.
A copy of the presentation can be downloaded below.
ACPFG October 2010.pdf (size: 1.99 MB)

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